~ * faq * ~

what are your rates?
short answer: I don't have any. Money is one of the many ways we can provide and receive services, but using it as the singular form of currency can be super exclusive and doesn't account for the inequity present generally throughout the world that I have perceived. I am flexible and decide the cost with you based on budget/hours/post processing. For those who are short on coin, I will trade my skills for whatever you are in abundance of that I am lacking. This could really be anything ie a ticket to something, exposure to your insta followers, hospitality on the road, art, etc.

what are you interested in photographing?
A lot of my current work falls into creative people and the stuff they make, but I'm super interested in extending that and working with new people, taking an aesthetics and documentary based approach.

do you photograph weddings?
Yes, I shoot lovers with my groovy sister Taire and we call that project HOLDTIGHT.

what can I expect?
candid, moody and documentary style. I generally don't shoot flash, so if your thangs dark the pictures will be dark (I think thats nice though).